Frequent Asked Questions

We understand how hard it is for customers, espeically when it comes to tradespeople and technology. We are specialised and unique in our large range of skills and knowledge. And because of this, we offer a complete solution that works.

We’ve been in the industry for a long time and these have been common questions over the years. So we hope these answers give you a head start but also feel free to contact us.

What makes CLH Communications different?

Our quotes are solid. We inspect the site, we talk to the customer, we make sure we understand the customer’s needs and their future plans. It is rare for us to charge variations as our quotes are solid. However, we are also amendable which helps when customers ask for more work to be done on the fly.

We are also extremely focused on quality. We use quality products and provide quality work. We are a local family business and we stand by our work. That is why we can offer a 20 year warranty on our data through our Clipsal certification. Customers tell us that our quality is second to none.

And what makes us really stand out is our knowledge and skills across Telecommunications, IT and Electronics. We’re not just from one side of the industry which means we interlink, merge and connect across your business.

Why does Quality Matter?

Quality means the product works and delivers the best possible outcomes. You don’t like faults and we don’t like them either. We don’t use cheap nasty products because we take pride in our work. And the addit bonus is a quality job means a safe job.

Why future proof?

Future proofing is putting technology in that will grow with your business. As your business grows you don’t want to be enduring more costs so we look at systems that will grow with you. But we are realistic. That’s where knowing the Industry, knowing the region and knowing the infrastructure ensures our product recommendations are suited to you and your budget.

What are the things to look at when considering quotes?

Where is the business located?

We often see customers burnt these days with quotes from businesses that have never been to the area, nor the site and they don’t know the infrastructure of our region. Salesmen are generally good at selling a product. But will it work like they promised? We have also seen customers in trouble as the contractors finish the job and disappear with no follow up support. That’s when we get the upset call ‘We went for the cheapest quote, the contractor has gone and our system is down. It doesn’t make sense what they have done. Can you come out urgently?’

A cheap quote is normally cheap for a reason. Ask the question ‘Why?’

Don’t compare apples with oranges! Make sure the products and services compared are the same. If they aren’t the same then ask ‘Why?’

Unfortunately we’ve heard far too often ‘We went for the cheap quote and we should have looked into it more. We had no idea how important our fibre, phones and data were to our business until they weren’t working.’

In today’s business market your phones, data and fibre are vital to your business and nobody can afford to lose them.

Do they meet the Australian standards?

There are standards and protocols for a reason. They protect you, your family, your employees and your customers from harm. Standards also ensure that the vital systems and networks for your business will work. Nobody wants to lose customers because a system is down.

We are a Datacom EcoXpert Certified Clipsal Data Installer and NEC Advanced  Business Partner for a reason. We are trained, qualified, experienced and certfied. We adhere to the current standards. And we don’t cut corners.

Unfortunately there are always short cuts, cheap nasty products and people who will take advantage of you. So make sure you chose the right contractor.

We hope we have helped you but if you have any questions feel free to contact us.