Our Story

Local Professional Family Business

Kate – Electronics & Communications

Initially Kate managed the accounts and administration of the business. Kate has certificates in both Business and Administration. But it was because of her Bachelors in Nursing that the business and workers benefited from her professional approach to health and safety.

Kate was born and raised in the district.  When Kate graduated from high school she left the area for further education and work experience. Kate has been happily settled back in the region for over 11 years now.

In June 2019 Kate commenced her apprenticeship in Electronics & Communications.

There is no place like home.

Cody-  Electronics Lead Technician & Network Engineer 

Cody has worked in the Telecommunications, Electronics and IT industry for 22 years. He has installed, upgraded, fixed and consulted for large companies, small- medium businesses, government departments and residential. Cody has worked in both the private and public sector. Which has seen him work on high-end systems with multiple sites in many of the major cities.

Despite his amazing grasp on technology he is one of the few technicians that communicates to customers using honest ‘down to earth‘ terminology. And it even became a joke among his colleagues as the customers would ask

‘Can you send the Country guy out to us?’

Cody’s approach is ‘We’ll make the technology work for you.’

And in highly stressed environments with tight deadlines Cody is the calm one delivering efficiency.

So in 2011 Cody jumped at the opportunity to move back home bringing his experience, knowledge and future proofing approach with him.

Cody has high standards with a friendly country approach but has the knowledge and skills to make the technology suit you.


All of our subcontractors are local professionals. We only partner with subcontractors that hold the same high-quality standards as us.